Dalton International

Dalton training K12 education

Dalton International can offer a large scale of Dalton courses in order to help schools to implement the Dalton structure and to support teachers in their efforts to become an ‘International Dalton teacher’.
The courses are meant for K-12 schools and also secondary education.
Dalton consultants from several countries can be involved in this programme.

Only official ‘International Dalton Consultants’ can train for the official Dalton certificate.

The following topics/workshops, whether or not in combination, would be able to give further shape during a study day.

Module 1

  • Vision on Dalton education
  • Optimize the classroom management
  • Working on the main line of independence, responsibility, cooperation and reflection
  • From working independently to independent learning
  • Creating assignments based on individual differences
  • The effect of instruction
  • Arranging the free choice assignments based on multiple intelligences

  • Evaluating and reflecting with children
  • Reporting the work and progress of pupils on a Dalton way
  • Development of a  portfolio of pupils
  • Development of a portfolio of teachers
  • Dalton and 21st Century Skills







Module 2

  • How to make students owner of their own learning
  • Dalton and Multiple Intelligences
  • Cooperative learning techniques, including ‘introvert-friendly’ learning techniques
  • Ten ways to motivate students
  • The architecture of an ideal learning environment
  • Evaluation, Reflection and efficiency techniques
  • Teaching problem solving techniques, using Bloom’s taxonomy in practice
  • Differentiation with Kindergarten children. Ready materials to use in practice
  • Early English teaching techniques based on the authorial program, tailored to the needs of innovative Dalton schools. A program with ready materials to use.


We can organize workshops, seminars or conferences with an introduction of the modern way to implement Helen Parkhurst’s Dalton Plan, based on elements of the modules above.

These modules can be given in Dutch , English, German and Polish language.


Dalton training for the team of teachers from ‘Shenzhen Xinhua Dalton School’ the last year on-line.

Training seminars or workshops will be given by 3 ‘International Dalton Consultants’ on invitation of schools or a group of individual teachers, at location.

Based on the following costs:
– the costs of travelling
– lodging
– an expert fee of € 800,- per person for the workshop or seminar per day of 6 hours, including all materials.

A teaching practice in the Netherlands.
All based on a 4 days stay, for a group of maximum of 15 persons.
– Travel cost for own account
– Lodging dependents on level, between Є 80,-/100, – p.p. per day (***Hotel accommodation) and Є 60,- p.p. per day (guest-house accommodation), for own account.
– One day training seminar with three modules by 3 Dalton consultants, including all material;
– Two days practical work experience at 2 excellent Dalton schools guided by International Dalton Consultants, including lunch;
– All in price for these three days Є 1950,-

All material, examples of curriculum, assignments, brochures, action guides etc., are included. Many of them are available in English.

A group of teachers from Poland visited ‘Daltonschool de Leeuwerik” in Leiderdorp/NL