Books of Helen Parkhurst


Books by Roel Röhner and Hans Wenke


These three books were translated in Czech language



Practical books with ready to use material for teachers and students. The board game for new inspiration during team meetings.


Dutch, German and Polish version of the most actual book of both authors.


Three files with Dutch assignments based on Multiple Intelligences. The first one, for children in Kindergarten and group 3 is made by Wendy Wassenaar and Paul Bruijn. The other files for older children are made by Roel Röhner.

Editor of all the Dutch books : Arko Uitgeverij – Vianen the Netherlands

Books by other authors




The Polish Dalton Association in cooperation with Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and Dalton International are the editors of the official Dalton Magazine ‘Inspiracje Daltonskie’.

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