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Dalton training in different countries.

Only the official Dalton Associations in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland, can  give the licence to persons or institutes in order to operate as Dalton Consultant or Dalton Consultancy.

In the Netherlands the Dutch Dalton Association (NDV) gave a license to some specialized institutes and consultancies to take care of the local market. They are all operating on the highest level under the conditions set by the NDV.

In Austria, “Dalton Österreich” , some Dalton Consultants are cooperating with the University in Linz to take care of the postgraduate Dalton studies.

In Poland “Dalton Polskie Stowarzyszenie” trained their own Dalton Consultants in cooperation with Dalton International. These Polish Dalton Consultants give workshops and seminars to teams of teachers leading to the official certificates.  Dalton Polskie Stowarzyszenie is cooperating with the “Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan” for the postgraduate Dalton studies. Other institutes in Poland have no license of the Polish Dalton Association and can’t give Dalton certificates or the predicate “Dalton School”.


In Czech Republic and Germany there is no structural postgraduate Dalton studies. Schools support each other in the development and the Associations are organizing a yearly Dalton conference.

Dalton International is leading partner in the Chinese Dalton development. A process of Dalton implementation, coaching schools and  training Chinese Dalton Consultants is under construction.