Dalton International



“The true business of the school is not to chain the pupil to preconceived ideas, but to set him free to discover his own ideas and help to bring his powers upon the problem of learning”

Helen Parkhurst

Short content of the training program.

1. The original Dalton Laboratory Plan from theory to practice on the example of ‘The Dalton School’ in New York and ‘Ascham’ in Sydney;  historical outline, vision on the Dalton Plan as education for the future that stimulates child’s holistic development.

2. The main pillars of the Dalton Plan in theory and praxis on the examples of secondary schools worldwide.

Photo: ‘ The Dalton School’ New York

3. The philosophy and values of the Dalton secondary school in theory and praxis.

4. Dalton hours in praxis.

5. The structure and organization of the Dalton secondary school in theory and praxis.

6. The students and teachers as co-workers- how to build the atmosphere of mutual trust and respect? (theory and praxis).

7. How to design the learning environment in secondary Dalton schools (praxis).

8. Samples of group and individual exercises to use.

9. Teaching students social and emotional intelligence in theory and praxis.

10. How to take care of students’ wellbeing in secondary Dalton schools? (theory, praxis).

11. Dalton Plan and English language Teaching and Learning as an innovation of 21st century on the example of secondary Dalton schools (authorial elements from the book “Innovations in ELT in secondary schools”, by Dr. Agata Sowińska)

12. A short guide to become a successful secondary Dalton school teacher.


Dalton International is the only institution with the authority to give schools the designation

“International Dalton School”.

After an intake with the management and staff of school, Dalton International will draft a training programme out of the course offering which is published above.
The training program, given by the International Dalton Consultants, the planning of the days of study for the complete team of teachers and the planning of the days of coaching  individual teachers in the classroom, are worked out in a tailor made contract for the school.