July 1. 2019


June 17. 2019

International Dalton Conference in Mühlhausen – Germany

On 14, 15 and 16 June 2019 an international group of colleagues from 7 different countries took part in this conference which was organized by the German Department of Dalton International.

President Claudia Zanker and her team of teachers decorated not only the school building, but organized a three day’s program for all the guests.

Landesrat Harald Zanker supported the activities and that was the reason that not only the educational aspects of the conference were interesting, but also several activities in and round the city of Mühlhausen.




June 1. 2019

“School Strategy and Brand Summit 2019”

Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School organized a two days conference which was attended by more than 300 principals and educators from all over China.

The principal of the school Alan Mei and 17 other principls gave keynote lectures. The vice-principal Tracy Chen and teachers of the school gave workshops focused on “Laying the campus learning space from the perspective of curriculum”, “Exploration and practice of self-management of mixed-age family”, “Exploration and practice of contractual learning mode”.

The school’s educational philosophy, educational orientation, Dalton practice and campus culture have all been highly praised by the participants of this conference.

May 12. 2019

International Dalton Conference in Germany

April 20. 2019

Dalton in China is growing.

Dalton International has an agreement with ‘Beijing Liyang Zhongji Education & Technology Co.’.  Both parties work together to promote Dalton education and school service development.

Liyang Zhongji produced this Dalton magazine as an introduction of the Chinese development.

The ‘Chinese Departement of Dalton International‘ is in charge of organizing the concrete steps in the further cooperation.



April 16. 2019



March 22. 2019

“Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School” published on their website some events which took place during the stay of Roel Röhner and                  Dr. Agata Sowińska. 
See: http://dalton.szns.edu.cn/xxxw/xiaoxw/201903/t20190319_25435.html


March 20. 2019

Today in Europe “DALTON DAY” is celebrated.

Last week we celebrated with the complete staff of ‘Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School’ the fact that we could certify a new group of 10 official Dalton Teachers.

March 10. 2019


14 TILL 16 JUNE 2019

March 5. 2019

It is a valuable tradition in the Netherlands. The doors in all Dalton Schools are open for everyone who would like to observe the daily praxis.

In many countries this initiative is followed and together we create every 3d Wednesday in March the “INTERNATIONAL DALTON DAY”.

February 6. 2019

We congratulate ‘The Dalton School’ in New York with their jubilee.

‘The Dalton School’ in New York is celebrating  that the school was founded 100 years ago.


January 10. 2019

Today we certified the Dalton Primary ‘LORENTZ SCHOOL’ in Hilversum – the Netherlands as ‘Member of Dalton International’. The school is a sublime Dalton school in a monumental  school building.

The “Lorentz School”, built in 1930 in expressionist style to the design of municipality-architect W.M. Dudok.

January 8. 2019

November 27. 2018

Dalton International started the ‘Chinese Department of Dalton International’ with the seat in ‘Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School’




November 24. 2018

November 19. 2018

Agata Sowińska and Roel Röhner visited the “Staatliche Dalton Grundschule” in Unstruttal /Germany. A very strong Dalton school housed in two lovely buildings. The team of teachers followed two short workshops, given by the International Dalton Consultants.

November 19. 2018

Dalton International founded the ‘German Department of Dalton International’.  Together with the ‘Unstrut-Hainich Kreis’ the International Dalton Conference 2019 will be organized.

November 12. 2018

After the International Dalton Conference in Koszalin the foreign guests and the team of organizers enjoyed the dinner offered by the Polish Dalton Association.

November 12, 2018

Workshop ‘Let’s Daltonize English’ given by Agata Sowinska at Przedszkole nr 34 in Koszalin / Poland.

During the Polish conference the second issue of the Polish Dalton Magazine came out.

November 12. 2018








International Dalton Conference organized by the Polish Dalton Association in cooperation with Dalton International. Speeches and presentations by Professor Renata Michalak, the delegation from ‘Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School’, Paul Bruijn – vice president D.I. and Roel Röhner – president D.I.
A certification ceremony is the traditional highlight at the end of the conference. Several new Dalton schools and Kindergarten got their official Dalton Certificate.


November 7. 2018

Delegation from the ‘Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School’ at the International Dalton Congress
organized by the Dutch Dalton Association in cooperation with Dalton International.


November 7. 2018


November 9. 2018


The Austrian and Polish Dalton delegations which                 The delegation from Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School

participated in the International Dalton conference                visited Daltonschool de Globetrotter in Rotterdam.

in Deventer/NL/

November 6. 2018


The delegation from Schenzhen Dalton Xinhua School arrived in the Netherlands to participate in the International Dalton Conference in Deventer tomorrow. A short visit to Utrecht was the first activity.



November 1. 2018

October 31. 2018



October 24. 2018

International Dalton Congress at Hogeschool Saxion in Deventer – the Netherlands


October 24, 2018

Prize for Dalton Kindergarten in Warsaw


October 22. 2018

Training Dalton consultants Poland


On Saturday 21 October 2018 ‘Dalton Polskie Stowarzyszenie’ organized a training for the official Polish Dalton Consultants. One of them, Agata Juljanská, presented her ideas about an advanced way of Dalton organization in the classroom.