Dalton International

May 9. 2023

Program of 7th Forum “Building a World Dalton Culture”.

Roel Röhner

President of Dalton international, “Dalton Education: a child’s lifetime experience”.

Dr Agata Röhner

Executive Director, Dalton International “Building a world Dalton Culture”,

Huang Jiali

Professor and doctoral supervisor at the Teacher Education Research Center of Beijing Normal University: “Project Based Learning Report”

Zhang Li

Principal of Shenzhen Dalton International  School in Nanshan District, Shenzhen “Dalton as a way of a school life”.

Pan Yishu

International Dalton Coordinator and Principal of Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School, “Dalton education without limits”.

Lu Jing 

International Dalton Coordinator, Assistant Principal of Daoxin School in Nanshan District,

Shenzhen, and Director of Curriculum Development Center: “Dalton and PBL in theory and practice”.

Li Jinlong

Director of the Teaching Management Center of Daoxin School in Nanshan District, Shenzhen:

“The structure of Dalton Education in our school”

Yuan Huiying

Leader of the Primary School Mathematics Teaching Group of Shenzhen Dalton International  School in Nanshan District, Shenzhen “Combining Chinese Characters with Dalton influence”

Li Fuman

STEM-PBL Teaching Group of Daoxin School in Nanshan District, Shenzhen “STEM and Assignment in our Dalton School.


May 6. 2023

Dalton International wholeheartedly welcomes to our global organization a new nominated member Dalton elementary school “De Borgwal” in Bemmel. We welcome you and wish you a good time with us. We believe that together we deliver real change that impact our global Dalton community.

The motto of the school is “Live with your talent, because everyone is beautiful when you are who you are!”. The school believes that inner beauty may be enhanced by tailor learning to the needs and capacities of every child. The school works with Dalton core values such as: independence, cooperation, responsibility, reflection, effectiveness and assurance.

 Recently, “De Borgwal” Dalton elementary school have received “the excellent school” designation for the fifth time and they will soon join the global community of Dalton International.

Congratulations to the staff of the school, the children and their parents.

In the picture: management team of Dalton International and a schools’ management.

April 11.  2023

New nominated Member of Dalton International

Dalton International welcomed yesterday a new nominated member in our foundation. The school “Dalton Kindcentrum Het Park” from Brummen has taken the steps to become a part of our worldwide Dalton International community. Most of all, the school provides every child with a good feeling of structured and safe environment. Children are prepared in a challenging and meaningful way to find their path to self-awareness. The following core values are pleasure, independency, responsibility, cooperation, quality and feeling of safety. The school is engaged in some international projects and teach their children to think both locally and globally.

The school fulfils the standards and criteria of nominated new members of Dalton International. Working together, we can take Dalton education to a new, international level, and doing so, build the schools of the future to meet the needs of a modern world. Dalton International celebrates the steps towards common cooperation. DI members, International Dalton Schools, Teacher training centres and associations spread the mission and vision of Helen Parkhurst across the world. Our community meet regularly at the annual congresses in different parts of the world.

Pictured here: the management of the school together with management team of Dalton International.


March 15. 2023


This day is an International Day of Dalton Education. Several years ago the Dutch Dalton Association  took the initiative to celebrate Dalton every third Wednesday in March.From this occasion, Dalton International would like to wish also the International Dalton Schools , Members, academic and training centers a meaningful celebration.

Days such as the International Dalton Day need to focus on one main theme to be significant. This year’s theme of International Dalton Day is “Building a World Dalton Culture”.

In order to track the way of building bridges between cultures, the International Dalton Schools will lead an analysis on global skills to meet the needs of the new societal demands.

Most of all, the analysis will concern global and intercultural dimension of Dalton education across the world. A special attention will be paid to teach “intercultural competence”, necessary to be empathic, open minded and flexible enough to handle all cultural differences as well as teaching communication skills, necessary to operate as one team in every school. Moreover, the aspect of cultural diversity as well as sustainable living practices.

The results of analysis will be shared for a public view.


March 12. 2023

Thank you Rene Berends for a very valuable presentation concerning “the making of” the biography of Helen Parkhurst.

Visit the link below to watch how the biography was made:


March 8. 2023

Today we celebrated the 137th birthday of Helen Parkhurst with an International Dalton Café.
Thank you all the Dalton delegations from across the world for today’s beautiful online meeting.
Thank you our schools, members, and departments for your presence today.
This day we are celebrating the birthday of a woman who inspired many to make a change in education. We will all remember this remarkable woman with gratitude, and respect. She was an outstanding educator, who always push forward to ensure justice, peace and education for all. Her enthusiasm, passion, and love for education is living with us until today. Helen Parkhurst was a woman of a great principle and strength. She spread Dalton education globally, reaching among others China, England, Japan, and many other countries.

February 27. 2023

May be an image of coffee and text

We are delighted to present the brochure from the last Dalton International Café, November 2022. The brochure includes articles on Dalton education in both in theory and practice from different international perspectives.
The authors of the brochure make an attempt to answer the question “Does Education mirror culture, and if yes, to what extent?
The answer is in the paper below.
Special gratitude to the academic environments from Wenzhou Teacher Training Center, Educational Bureau and Wenzhou International Dalton School for their enormous support in publishing that brochure.
The articles in the link below:

February 15. 2023

We are excited to announce that the book of Rene Berends “Helen Parkhurst, the founder of the Dalton Plan” has just been published in English and is now ready to order on: Helen Parkhurst | Leonon Media Publishers


Helen Parkhurst commenced a worldwide revolution in the classroom. She developed a new method of educating the young and inspired a movement that carried it into every corner of the world. This is the story of the woman behind the public figure—her accomplishments, her ideas, and her passions.

Don’t miss the chance to take part in a Dalton Café on 8 March.

This day, Rene will give a lecture about Helen Parkhurst,  her life and passion.

He will also speak about the essence of “the revitalization of education”.

See you on 8 March!

February 1. 2023

More information about Dalton International Congress 2023:

We are incredibly pleased to inform that the Dalton International Congress will take place in Izmir, Turkey between 30.04.-2.05.2023.

The main theme of the conference is “Dalton as a way of life for today and tomorrow”.

The main theme:

The theme will focus on historical background, mission, and vision of Helen Parkhurst across the globe one hundred years ago and contemporary development. The main subjects will concern global skills, intercultural competence, wellbeing, and future focused practical projects developed by teachers that prepare children for a sustainable and harmonious future. All participants will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience with the Dalton global community across the world.


Our conference will take place in one venue. That is the assembly hall of Izmir Katip Celebi University, which is not far away (about 5-minute drive) from our International Dalton School- Dalton College Izmir.

Izmir is a picturesque city, located in the western extremity of Anatolia. It is the third most populous city in Turkey. In the past, the city was known as Smyrna. Izmir emerged as a national port in the 17th century and one of the biggest trade centres. Today we are overly excited to hold the 2023 DI global event in this beautiful city.


In the program the 30th of April is the conference day with workshops and seminars from DI board members, consultants, and researchers. After the keynote speeches, the program will be divided into breakout sessions. Every participant may decide in which session they would like to participate.

On the 1st of May, the organizers prepared for all participants a marvellous attraction. A one-day trip to Pamukkale, meaning “cotton castle” in Turkish, in southwestern Turkey. The area is famous for carbonate mineral left by the flowing thermal spring water.

On the 2nd of May participants will have the opportunity to make a study visit to Dalton College Izmir, International Dalton School.


We recommend booking your flights on Monday, 29 of April to Izmir as the conference will start early in the morning. All participants will be accommodated in the same hotel (we will soon publish the information which one with the exact address). The organizers will book the hotel for the participants. The costs of conference fee and lodging are covered by participants.

In the evening, the dinner will be arranged in one place for all participants.

DI President Roel Röhner will open the conference and provide the opportunity to meet him and greet personally.


Registration will be opened soon. Therefore, we would like to ask you to follow our news on our social media and website of D.I.

If you have questions, please contact our Congress Education Committee:



January 30. 2023

We are excited to announce that XXVI Dalton International Conference will take place on 30th of April 2023 in Izmir, Turkey at Katip Çelebi University.

Keep an eye out to learn about dates, speakers, registration, and more. We are looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and to seeing new faces, and we are extremely excited to gather with our global Dalton community. During the conference you will have the opportunity to discover the heights of Helen Parkhurst global influence and connect with educators from numerous institutions across the world. This year’s theme “Dalton as a way of life, for today and tomorrow” will be the main motto of the conference.

See you there!

May be an image of text that says 'T O Z 下 DALTON COLLEGE ÖZEL İZMİR 1919 OKULLARI V TERN ÖZEL İZMİR 1919 OKULLARI D A 30th April 2023 XXVI. Dalton International Conference L Izmir Turkey daltoncollegeizmir'

January 3. 2023

Happy New Year from all of us at Dalton International team and board!
Wishing our global community peace in the New Year. We are grateful for your support and commitment, and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our courses or to our International Dalton Conference and Congres in 2023.
This marvelous Dalton Calendar was done at Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School by grades teachers to set the goals for 2023.
May be an image of 5 people, people standing and text

November 29. 2022


Doing the best in the best way

Developing a vision on Dalton education


René Berends, Hilde-Marie van Slochteren, Vera Otten-Binnerts




November 25. 2022

Today we have warmly welcomed the Dalton International community from Australia, Austria, China, Japan, Poland, The Netherlands and Turkey. It was wonderful to see you all!

The goal of the first Dalton International Café was to raise awareness and understanding of Helen Parkhurst legacy as a global influence in our rapidly changing world. The main theme of our today’s meeting was “School of the Future”.

With this today’s meeting we hope to inspire all Dalton Participants to praise your daily Dalton work, and to return to your today’s activities with renewed energy and vigour.

As with all international gatherings both online and in- person, we had today the unique opportunity to connect with each other and share our common Dalton experience both in theory and practice.

Hope to see you all in April in person during our International Dalton Conference in Izmir!

November 15. 2022

Save the date! Dalton International Cafe will take place on 23 November 2022 at 8AM GMT. During the meeting you will have the opportunity to listen to our Dalton speakers from different countries as they talk about Dalton daily practice, philosophy and vision on a modern Dalton education from different cultural perspectives.
From 9.30 AM GMT you will have the opportunity to ask questions to our speakers and they will try to answer them.
See you soon!
Below the detailed program of our meeting:


November 5. 2022

We are delighted to share with you the picture of the book about Helen Parkhurst written by our board member and a lecturer at Saxion University in Deventer, Rene Berends. The book will soon be available to order in English language.
It is a book about a woman, who was a global advocate for radical changes in the teaching of all the children. Her progressive and timeless ideas concerning the hollistic development of children are a continuous source of inspiration for our Dalton International community.
Rene Berends will be one of our speakers during Dalton International Cafe on 23. of November.


November 3. 2022

We would like to invite all our members and schools for Dalton International Café, which is an online meeting organized by Dalton International.
The meeting will take place on 23 of November (Wednesday) at 8AM GMT Zone on a Zoom Platform.
The meeting will concern Dalton Practice across the world.
After short presentations from International Dalton Schools there will be a Q&A session with experts from Dalton International. The whole meeting will last up to 1,5 hours, which is from 8.00 AM till 9.30 AM GMT Zone.
For more information, please contact our director Agata Röhner on: agata.sowinska@kpnmail.nl


October 25. 2022

On the occasion of 100 years of the Dalton Plan in Ascham School in Sydney, President Roel Röhner gave a speech to the students concerning the value and significance of Dalton Plan across the world. The consultants of Dalton International Agata Röhner and Rene Berends during their staying in Ascham, exchanged practices and experiences while meeting Senior School Staff, management and teachers of Ascham in different sections.
In the picture Roel Röhner giving a speech in the School Assembly Hall.

October 23. 2022

Short impression of the visit of our board members to ASCHAM in Sydney on invitation to celebrate 100 years of Dalton education in this unique Dalton school.

September 30. 2022

It is our immense pleasure to congratulate the wonderful team of Dalton College Izmir on obtaining the certificate International Dalton School. It is for us, Dalton International a meaningful and special occasion. The whole team of Dalton College Izmir under the management of Sarah Louise Money have been working hard on an implementation of Dalton Plan in kindergarten, middle and secondary section of the school, also during the Covid period.
Following the series of trainings since 2018 from the trainees and consultants of Dalton International, the school is now joining the family of other International Dalton Schools.
Dalton College Izmir creates an innovative, Dalton International community that fosters holistic development of each child. In 1999, the idea of opening a school that offered each child the opportunity to reach their own potential without limits through Dalton education was a dream. Today, we observed that this child-centered vision to education created by Helen Parkhurst more than one hundred years ago provide the children with all necessary social and communication skills so that they can survive their own future. It is a joy to witness an advanced organized Dalton learning environment, class management as well as carefully selected learning materials. The idea of enterprising living and working, freedom and interaction of a group life and providing children with real life experience are main principles of the school team.
May be an image of 7 people, people standing and text that says 'Dalto Sep'
May be an image of 8 people, people standing and indoor
The students who guided us two days of class observations.

July 8. 2022

Congratulations to Wenzhou Dalton International School for being awarded with Special Achievement Award of Zhejiang Province Pedagogical Course Planning Research Projects ,Top 10 cases of  “Double Reduction” Policy Practice Cases in Zhejiang Province as well as first prize of the first batch of Classroom Reform Projects in Wenzhou.
The award was given to honor the innovative approach to education. The tools developed by Dalton coordinators and mentors such as Digital Assignment, Digital Portfolio and Digital Contract were copyrighted and are now the property of Wenzhou Dalton International School. All the tools were developed under the guidance and training of Dalton International training.


July 7. 2022

Celebrating the end of the school year in Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School

Last week we have celebrated online the end of the school year in Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School. We were honoured to welcome numerous special guests, including city authorities, researchers from academic environment, school authorities and representatives from the local educational bureaus.
Thank you to all Governors, school management, Dalton coordinators and Dalton mentors who were working with us this year so hard.    It is a privilege to serve among such a dedicated group of individuals. We are so fortunate to have such creative and outstanding contributors on our Board.
With the end of the school year, we would like to wish all International Dalton schools and members a peaceful, healthy and happy summer filled with friends, family and loads of fun!



June 16. 2022

Team ‘Sternschule’ from Deutschlandsberg Austria visited Daltonschool ‘De Maten’ in Den Ham in the Netherlands

Dalton International welcomed a delegation from Austrian Dalton Association. The president of Dalton Austria, Simone Reichenberger has arrived with the group of eleven teachers from Sternschule in Deutschlandsberg (International Dalton School, member of Dalton International), to a study visit co-organized by Dalton International.
Yesterday we have participated in the visit to International Dalton School ‘”De Maten”, which hosted the Austrian group. Thank you so much Jenny Valk, director of the school and Eline van der Vegt for your hospitality and guidance. Thank you for presenting a personalized feedback and a demonstartion of children’s responsibility in action. The presentation about learning lines and digital portfolio was very valuable. Thank you to lovely children guides who showed us around your Dalton school, demonstrated the attitude of openness, responsibility as well as brilliant level of English.
Thank you, a wonderful delegation from Dalton Austria for sharing with us the story about your country, your Dalton Vision and your school. It was for us all an amazing Dalton experience.
We hope to see you soon in the near future!


May 27. 2022

Jubilee Daltonschool in Wels – Austria

International Dalton School MS 6 Wels in Austria celebrates 10 years jubilee. We would first like to congratulate the Governing Body, the principal, the staff, students and parents on the celebration of ten years of existence.
Dalton International is very proud to accompany the school for so many years in their Dalton journey.
International Dalton School in Wels is one in which the personal potential of the student is liberated. The goal of the school is “raising a man who can create a better future, a perfect world and a more beautiful life”.
On this auspicious occasion Dalton International together with Simone Reichenberger, the President of Dalton Austria, Jürgen Peters- member of honor and former president of Dalton Austria as well as city authorities and friends of the school joined the school in their celebrations.
We whole heartedly appreciate the tireless effort of the principal Henriette Steinhauer who ensures that all school community live up to the true spirit of Dalton education. We once again congratulate you all on reaching this 10th anniversary. May you continue to flourish for all times to come.
From left :

Bernhard Schermaier, Ulrich Besirske, Christiane Rehm, Manuela Rittenschober, Simone Reichenberger,

Henriette Steinhauer, Jürgen Peters, Agata Röhner, Roel Röhner.

Jürgen Peters ‘Member of Honour’ Dalton International

During the school anniversary, Jürgen Peters became a “Member of Honour” of Dalton International. The membership appropriately reflects the long term support and commitment in Dalton education in Austria. Dalton International would like to thank you for your continuous engagement in Dalton development across the world.

After two years we had the opportunity to hand out the certificate and the official plaque.

May 9. 2022


XXV Jubilee International Dalton Conference in Brno, Czech Republic came to an end. We were happy to welcome delegations from Dalton world in Austria, Australia, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Turkey and The Netherlands. We would like to thank our participants, guests, speakers and hosts for taking part in this year’s International Dalton Conference. We appreciate enormously your input,  active participation and continuous support for Dalton International. It was a brilliant occasion to visit International Dalton Schools in Czech Republic and observe a natural contact, respect without fear, a joy in daily school living and willingness to do a hard work.

The main theme of the conference was “Education for future”. Undoubtedly, Dalton Plan is   universal and timeless. As Parkhurst said “The old machinery has been captured by a new spirit”. We hope that the innovative Dalton spirit will be present in your schools and hearts as it was more than one hundred years ago.


May 1. 2022

International Dalton Conference Brno – Czech Republic

The #Internationaldaltonconference is going to start in three days on 4th of May. On the first day of the conference the vice director of Dalton Tokyo Junior and Senior High School will talk about their vision on a modern Dalton development. During her speach Naoko will present their own vision on how to raise a fearless, self-directed, life long learner and a productive member of a society in a progressive learning environment.

April 25. 2022

Delegations from many countries participate in our 25th jubilee conference.

We are looking forward to welcome them in Brno.


April 5. 2022

This 25th International Dalton Conference is usually organized with the support of the Brno city government.

April 1. 2022


During our International Dalton Conference, our executive director and researcher dr Agata Röhner- Sowinska will analyze implementation of Dalton in the world taking into account diverse cultural backgrounds. As a head of ‘Chinese Department of Dalton International’, she is responsible for supervision of Dalton implementation, organization of audits in currently existing and new Dalton schools in China.

March 31. 2022


Our next keynote speaker is Bob Kartous. Bob is the head of communications and an analyst in think-tank EDUin. He has been writing about education in several Czech media and serves as regular media commentator of educational events. He teaches at the University of Economics and Management in Prague and is helping to launch the start-up Education Republic. Bob speaks regularly at TED conferences in Czech Republic.

March 30. 2022


During our International Dalton Conference, Dr Joanne Manning will be talking about the latest innovative development in Ascham School in Sydney.

Joanne is Dalton International consultant and trainer and is a part of the management team in Ascham School in Sydney.

March 29. 2022


Professor Rýdl is a consultant of Dalton International and  the author of more than 200 original scientific works and more than 300 professional articles.  He often performs at conferences both national and international.

The professional interest of professor Rydl are the history of education, the development of education abroad, school management, in which he focuses on the issue of the concept of quality and its evaluation.

Prof. Rýdl is a member of a number of international and national scientific and professional societies, and has been active in the non-profit sector as a lecturer.

Since February 1, 2010, he has been the Vice-Rector for Education and Student Affairs at Univerzita Pardubice in Czech Republic.

On the 5th of May, professor Rydl will give a speech on innovative trends in a modern education.

March 27. 2022



March 23. 2022


We are looking forward to meet our Dalton friends during the upcoming live XXV jubilee International Dalton Conference in Brno, Czech Republic. The conference is titled “Education for the future”. Our experienced array of speakers consists of Dalton International board members and researchers, Czech Dalton specialists in academic and practice and Czech Dalton Association board members. Numerous topics will be covered concerning innovative Dalton education in XXI century.
We are glad to host four directors from Dalton elementary schools in Germany, Spain, Japan, Austria, Australia and Poznan/Poland.
Soon, we will make you familiar with our key speakers from all over the Dalton world.




International Dalton Day 2022, Message of President Roel Röhner

This day is a very special day for the whole Dalton development worldwide. It is celebrated on the third Wednesday of March, therefore this year it is 16th of March. International Dalton Day celebrates the importance and significance of Dalton influence across the world. This is a day, where all Dalton schools get appreciation for all their hard work and effort to create an environment in which children can develop their own strengths in a friendly, social environment.

International Dalton Day has become a custom every year now. All Dalton schools and initiatives globally deserve respect, support and care. Although the scenery of the world for Dalton education has changed over time and decades, we firmly believe that there is yet a lot of new, strong initiatives ahead of the whole community of Dalton International.

The Dalton Plan is an incident in a movement of a very great, worldwide importance. The extraordinary change of spirit commenced by Helen Parkhurst decades ago is still present in the Dalton movement globally.

This day, we would like to wish all Dalton schools worldwide a good continuation of their Dalton journey towards a better and brighter future in peace, trust, respect and mutual understanding.


Speech of Mrs. Liz Zhang, director of SHENZHEN DALTON XINHUA SCHOOL

for the International Dalton Day 2022.


Speech of Sarah Louise Money, director of DALTON COLLEGE IZMIR,

for the International Dalton Day 2022.


De bronafbeelding bekijken

Today we celebrate International Dalton Day – a day where we recognise the importance of Dalton around the world. With over 400 Dalton schools worldwide, the influence of Dalton is even more significant for us this year as we celebrate 100 Years of Dalton – read more here https://www.ascham.nsw.edu.au/100-years-of-dalton/





Dear Mr. Röhner, Dr. Agata, and all our colleagues at Dalton International.

I am Principal Lili Bai, of Dalton Elementary School in Wenzhou, China. I am honored to accept the invitation to attend today’s International Dalton Day.

For over 100 years, the Dalton educational theory founded by Ms Helen Parker, based on the core values of “freedom and cooperation”, has been the foundation stone for practice and development in Dalton schools.

With global scope, the Dalton International has constantly been active in its engagement to promote the practical application of Dalton education, in cooperation with schools. It has contributed a great deal of wisdom and strength.

We at Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School in China have benefited from the personal guidance of President Rohner, Dr. Agata, and Mr. Bruijn. Furthermore, we have received online training and appraisal from Dalton International. Consistently, they have tacitly assisted with the design and organization of student-teacher exchange and sharing of the Dalton school experience. In addition, there are many other strong measures which have given impetus to the development of Dalton in China, which have benefited the reform of education and teaching, and student development, in our school.

In China we are now in the third month, in spring, which is the most beautiful time of year. The teachers at our Dalton school in Wenzhou are immersed in and enjoying the spring in education which the International Dalton Committee has brought to us.

Here, again, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to Dalton International and our three wise, selfless advisors. Dalton education is a ‘future-facing’ kind of education. We refer to and absorb its essence, to boost the implementation of China’s own domestic educational reforms. No matter whether we view the immediate effects of practical application, or the beautiful vision in the distance of a school’s development, both present a mode which is delightful.

I cannot wait to welcome President Röhner and the other board members of Dalton International to China again, to see us in Wenzhou, and to taste together the happiness that education brings to teachers and parents. We must wait until the pandemic is over, and the greater environment allows, for us to be able to welcome them warmly. We believe that that time will be a spring for Dalton International, and also a spring for the whole world!

Link to the video message of Mrs. Lili Bai




CLICK HERE  Przedszkole 34 Dalton International – YouTube


Special assignment for the International Dalton Day

made by the Dalton school in Wells – Austria



March 8. 2022







February 16. 2022

Congratulations to Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School

Following a series of teacher trainings, lectures and seminars both online and live (since 2018), as well as a positive audit online, Dalton International board nominated Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School in Wenzhou, China, as International Dalton School. As a result, the school has joined the community of International Dalton Schools across the world.

The International Dalton School in Wenzhou, is a private school that firmly adheres to Dalton principles, mission and vision as promoted by the Dalton International.

It is our immense pleasure to Congratulate You and Your School on obtaining the predicate “International Dalton School”.

It is for us, Dalton International a meaningful and special occasion.

We can be proud and honoured that although we speak different languages, we share the same educational values. Dalton International message is one hope for the future. It is supported by practical initiatives that will lay firm foundations to continue our mission of connecting Dalton schools in China.

We would like to wish the whole team of Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School a further success in Dalton Plan implementation.

February 3. 2022


Congratulations to Ascham School in Sydney on your 100th anniversary of Dalton education.  At Dalton International, we admire your school development and the high level of Dalton approach implementation.  In addition, we admire your commitment to excellence in education. With gratitude and appreciation, we look forward to the conference and celebration in November 2022.


January 24. 2022


Today, the world is celebrating the forth International Day of Education under the theme “Changing course, transforming education”. The United National General Assembly proclaimed the day as International Day of Education on January 24th, 2018. It is highly important to demonstrate this day the possible steps that needs to be made to provide a fundamental right for education for every child.

We always say each opportunity where we can act and transform  our world as Helen Parkhurst called for needs to be fully exploited.  Dalton International believe that creating appropriate conditions for children to grow to the fullness of their potential across the world is necessary. Each opportunity where we can act and transform our world, needs to be exploited and researched.

Dalton International would like to wish all International Dalton Schools worldwide a Happy International Day of Education.

January 22. 2022

Following a series of teacher trainings since 2018 and a positive audit, Dalton International board nominated Kindergarten no 34 in Koszalin as International Dalton Kindergarten. As a result, the kindergarten has joined the community of International Dalton Schools across the world:


The International Dalton Kindergarten no 34 in Koszalin, is a public kindergarten that firmly adheres to Dalton principles, mission and vision as promoted by the Dalton International:


Dalton International would like to congratulate the Kindergarten number 34 in Koszalin for making a significant step forward in their Dalton development.

January 18. 2022

Our book about Dalton in Primary and Secondary education in Chinese language came out today.
We are proud and happy with this new step in the development of Dalton education in China.
The book has been published in Chinese at North East Normal University in Changhun, China.


Januari 13. 2022

Dalton study day for the International Dalton Kindergarten in Koszalin – Poland.

January 13. 2022

Next Seminar for the Dalton College in Izmir – Turkey given by our International Dalton Conslutant Paul Bruijn.

January 1. 2022


December 31. 2021

New Year celebration in Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School

Children from the school wrote New Year wishes:



December 22. 2021

December 20. 2021

Chalabalova Dalton Elementary School Brno – Czech Republic

Last year’s anniversary of the Velvet Revolution was celebrated by our school with the project  30 years of freedom. Its aim was to acquaint pupils with the period between 1948 and 1989 so that they would know what would actually be commemorated on 17 November.

On the two main project days, the children went to the teachers to discuss various topics, such as political processes in the 50s, events around 1968, emigration, victims of the communist regime, the Cold War or the Berlin Wall. However, interesting activities were prepared for children not only by teachers, but also by ninth-grade pupils.

In history and citizenship education classes, they prepared ten stations that children from lower grades visited during the second project day. At the end, teachers and pupils of the second grade met in the gym to sing songs related to the revolt against the totalitarian regime, there was also an anthem and the clinking of keys.

Live-played protest songs were also heard two mornings when the children arrived at school. During Thursday, there was also an opportunity to purchase thematically conceived products of seventh-graders. The collected money was donated to the Veleta day care center and the People in Need organization.

During Friday’s reflection on the project, the pupils made it clear that they were very interested in the project and that they took a lot from it. They agreed that they liked the whole event, but that they were happy to live in the 21st century. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who sent us their memories of the events around 17 November. These texts will be available for reading in the school lobby by the end of the semester.

Vladimir Moškvan, Director


December 17. 2021

Dalton training Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School

December 9. 2021


We are  proud to present the cover of The Dalton Handbook prepared by Dalton coordinators from Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School✍️.

The Dalton Handbook is a unique school document with the structure  introduced by Dalton International in every International Dalton School.

‍ The Dalton Handbook contains a lot of practical visualization on an innovative Dalton practice with our own practical ideas.

In The Dalton Handbook we included among others:

  • How to implement an asset model of teaching?
  • How to arrange learner driven feedback?
  • How to engage self-referential assessment?
  • How to implement a model of a Dalton Learner’s Agency?
  • How to engage Dalton Teacher Agency?
  • Who is a Dalton Agentive Learner?
  • How to shape children’s social behaviours?
  • Cognitive factors?
  • Awareness?
  • Beliefs and attitude?


November 29. 2021

Online guidance of the “DALTON COLLEGE IZMIR’.

A great workshop was held with Paul Bruijn and the Dalton International mentor group from Dalton College Izmir.

We reflected and evaluated our return back to school for both our students and teachers.

Plans were made for the next workshop and new goals were set.

Thank you to Paul for coaching and guiding us and thank you to the Dalton International team for their continuous support.

October 26. 2021

New book about Dalton Education

With pleasure we are presenting the cover of our book “Dalton Plan: a child’s lifetime experience” written by Roel Röhner and Agata Röhner.

The cover was designed by children from Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School. The book has a theoretical and practical character. Our goal is to show the importance  of the Dalton Plan worldwide, taking into account cultural background as well as different policies and potentials of the Dalton schools across the world.  Moreover, we seek to examine the significance of using the Dalton Plan in everyday school life, so that the main goal would be to focus on mutual learning, socialization and experience as the basis of a social school life.

The book will be published in the publishing house of Northeast Normal University in China in Chinese language.

The premiere of the book will take place during the official International Dalton Conference in China in November 2022.


October 21. 2021

Children in Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School took part in an astronomy project in cooperation with academic centers. The project aimed mainly at giving students a “real life experience” and encourage them to feel like a professional astronaut.
The Likeda Education Satellite starts its expedition towards the JiuQuan launch site, and the ‘Space STEAM Organization’ receiving an award “Members of the Dalton STEAM Space Organization” researching and studying “Cubic Star” knowledge at Nanjing Science and Engineering University. They also successfully assembled a cubic star of their own. All students gazing in anticipation at the ‘satellite revealing’ ceremony for the launch of the satellite towards the Jiuquan launch site. All the students in the school theater were listening to a speech by the deputy team leader of the overall design team of the first generation of contributors to the “Oriental Red Number 1” Chinese Space project. He was specially engaged by Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School as a consultant expert for the the “Space STEAM Organization”.
Dalton International is proud and honored to stimulate all initiatives aimed at giving children real life experience and learn the world on their own way.

October 14. 2021

Sternschule Deutschlandsberg

Sternschule Deutchlandsberg has once again re-opened its doors after the summer break for its excited students and growing team! Among many known happy faces we have many new fresh ones having joined us this year. We now have 89 children attending our school and this including ten new first graders. One has to say there is truly something special about starting a new school year. There is always that expectation and vital energy that makes everyone feel the positive vibrations in the air. After a seemingly disruptive and in many ways not easy last school year, due to covid restrictions and several lockdowns, we are now looking positively and hopefully that this year will bless us with health and staying strong. We are aware of the continued restrictions that are present all over the world, such as wearing masks outside the classroom for instance, however as long as we can attend school, continue learning and have normality settle back in, that is all we wish for. That is all the children wish too, to see their teachers and friends and to be able to communicate, play and learn together.

It is wonderful to be back inside the walls of our school, such joy for the children to see their friends and greet their teachers. We were finally able to start our Erasmus project with a school from Slovenia. The name of the project is Promote Your Neighbour! Our kids will travel to Slovenia where they will connect with their peers through several activities aimed at improving their IT, language and social skills.

Many new faces among our team too, which is also exhilarating for everyone! Children have already settled in after the first few weeks and are ready for their Dalton education plans, organised and productive and very noticeably full of motivation! We have new subjects rooms set up for the children and this has brought much satisfaction, curiosity and motivation! To see the children learning self-organisation, responsibility and consideration as the progress of their work is rewarding and moving. Here is to a successful new school year!



October 3. 2021

Last week during our seminar together with Sophie and Marcy from Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School, I have worked out the ways of implementing the philosophy of gratitude, highly significant in Chinese culture. We have decided to put it into practice on two levels: individual and social.
Practicing gratitude has been an important point in program training in International Dalton Schools in China.
The gratitude diary will be published in the first upcoming magazine of Dalton International in Shanghai. More information:
May be an image of text that says 'Thank you diary A practical tool to put the philosophy of GRATITUDE into the lives of the children International Dalton Consultaney 温州道尔顿小学 WENZHOU DALTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL'

September 23. 2021

Dalton International is wishing a brilliant team from International Dalton School in Thuringen, Germany a healthy and delightful New Dalton Year.
It is wonderful to see smiling staff and children coming back to school. The energy among the team and children is always amazing. The children seem very happy to be back at school, playing with friends, organizing their own time in Dalton agendas. Seeing new children coming for the first time to school hungry for learning has been inspiring for us.
We are confident that a Dalton education is perfectly implemented in your school. Self-motivation, confidence, responsibility and reflection are a base for lifelong love of learning.
We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon….
Claudia Zanker, Director of the Dalton School wrote:
The school year starts with 183 children and a lot of joy with our 43 first graders.
The team has continued to expand – now 9 classes are learning at our school and the learning is accompanied by NIKE – our school dog.
The joy of regular lessons according to the timetable is very great for everyone after the past year!

September 7. 2021

What an incredible year is in front of us. The year of new opportunities, new initiatives. In front of us the year of sharing our work, our passion, our vision and our achievements.  Thanks to the Dalton Plan we still find ways to connect across the world, we are grateful to all International Dalton Schools for their commitment, engagement, sharing their Dalton experience and expertise. Thanks to you, we can continue Parkhurst legacy. Undoubtedly, we  have recently met some challenges because of a global pandemic, which has forced us to adapt the online way we train and teach. Although the pandemic period, we are providing continuous support for the schools and parents. Our focus is to ensure the Dalton education accessible for every child in every corner of the world. Dalton education remains the inclusive, accepting education for children and adults of all abilities, and all cultures. To achieve this, we remain open to learning, listening and understanding the needs of all communities that are struggling to implement Dalton education.

We are honoured to spread the legacy of Helen Parkhurst across the world. At the same time, we bear in mind that thanks to her strong character and will she was able to achieve a huge success as just one individual, spreading her ideas and ground breaking work in universal education on a global scale. We are pleased to continue to support her work and demonstrate the amazing impact of Dalton education.

Every human being has the power to make a difference and if we can do it together – cooperating, sharing, supporting, learning from each other, listening to each other, the difference and impact may be enormous.

As a Dalton International community, it is our solemn duty to  cooperate, share and spread the legacy of Helen Parkhurst. Today, we are pleased to wish all the International Dalton Schools across the world a meaningful school year, full of hope and good initiatives. May this year be for you special and full of success. We wish you all, a healthy and successful school year with the same motto as always: Go forth unafraid!

Roel Röhner,

President Dalton International


July 2. 2021

During the pandamic period the Dalton guidance of  ‘WENZHOU DALTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL’  is organized frequently online by        Dr. Agata Sowinska.

Evaluation of the school year with Wenzhou Dalton Team was all about summarizing our work within this year. The implementation of responsibility in the school was based on 20 agreements of responsibility. Children are able to demonstrate responsibility within the Dalton environment. Responsibility begins with choosing one’s own work during the day, working independently, and being a contributing member of the collective classroom community.

Contributing members of any community help nurture and maintain the classroom. Within the Dalton  environment, children become responsible for the environment by learning to care for the classroom as well as for themselves and their friends. For the last year, together with the team of teachers we were working on shaping the attitude of openness and freedom, self-organization and self-directed learning. We have worked out authorial projects, contracts and visualization adjusting the vision of responsibility to a Chinese community and culture. We are looking forward to see the effect live when we are there.

June 18. 2021


Short interview with young girls of the school.

She believed she could so she did! Be powerful, independent, strong, courageous, kind, brave – Thank you to our incredible staff and girls for delivering an amazing Open Day today!


June 17. 2021

  (Dutch article translated by Googl translation)

30 March last it was officially twenty years ago that the notary passed the act of the founding of Dalton International. In this article , ‘Dalton historian’ René Berends and President of Dalton International, Roel Röhner, describe the history of this organization.

Dalton World Wide

Nowadays, the design of dalton education seems to be mainly a Dutch issue. There are about 400 dalton schools in our country, where more than 100,000 children go. About one in 20 primary and secondary schools are Dalton schools.

There will be about 100 other dalton schools worldwide today, but that was different before the Second World War. At the time, there were thousands of dalton schools in Britain and Japan and many hundreds of schools in China and in the U.S.S.R. But in the crisis times of the 1930s and in the run-up to World War II, the global hype of reform was over. With the aim of a few distinguished private schools such as the New York Dalton School and the Ascham School in Sydney, a substantial number of dalton schools remained only in the Netherlands. In our country, therefore, freedom of education was constitutionally enshrined after the School Struggle.

The Utrecht-Brno city link as the starting point of a dalton revival

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the former Eastern Bloc countries orientated themselves on the west. Old relationships were revived, new relationships were entered into. And this was not only about business connections, but also in the cultural and educational field, the cooperation started. In the 1990s, the city of Utrecht entered into a city link with Brno in the Czech Republic. Representatives of both cities visited each other and looked for areas in which cooperation could take shape.

During the preparation of one of the visits to Brno, the Utrecht alderman / municipal education inspector injured himself. A search was underway for a replacement. It was found in the person of Roel Röhner, then director of dalton school Pieterskerkhof, the oldest surviving dalton primary school. Roel had previously indicated that he was open to making contacts about education with foreign teachers and schools.

The lecture on educational developments in the Netherlands was appreciated. The contacts were expanded. Teachers from Brno were introduced to the dalton concept and attended dalton schools in the Netherlands. Now, more than twenty years later, these relationships still exist and a Czech sister association of the Dutch Dalton Association has been founded.

Building an international  dalton organization

Brno and Utrecht became centers from which new partnerships in the dalton field emerged. In several former Eastern European countries, interested parties came to the conferences in Brno, which led to the establishment of dalton schools in Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and in former East Germany, among others. In Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, this also led to the establishment of a national dalton association.

There are also countries where the approach is not yet to set up their own autonomous associations. This is more about setting up a ‘Department’ of Dalton International’. This applies, for example, to China, Germany and Turkey. This offers the advantage that there is no need to keep an autonomous association running and expert support for the schools is available at Dalton International.

There are also countries and territories where dalton has developed autonomously, without the connection to Dalton International. For example, there is a dalton school in the West Germany and there are several dalton schools in the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium in particular, which have contact with each other, but develop without input or contact with Dalton International.

And there are also countries where a single or only a few schools present themselves as dalton schools and have joined DI, such as in Spain (Bilbao), Senegal (Dakar), Japan (Nagoya and Tokyo), Northern Ireland (Portadown) and Hong Kong.

Finally, of course, the two leading schools in New York and Sydney still exist. With Ascham in Sydney Dalton International has an intensive contact. The Dalton School in New York follows  international developments with critical eyes.

Member of Dalton International

Schools worldwide can join Dalton International. In the Netherlands, about ten schools have already made that step. They are schools that are open to receiving international guests, but who also want to look beyond the borders themselves.

Dalton International has been involved in the creation of about thirty schools worldwide. In recent years, that effort has focused on China and Turkey.

In the first decades of the new millennium, China has become increasingly self-conscious in the world as an economic superpower. In the country, the inhabitants, incidentally within the limits set by the state apparatus, have freedom to take their own initiatives, which steadily contributes to the (economic) growth of the country. In that context, there have been several large private schools and newly built ones that have embraced the Dalton concept as a profile.

Dalton International is actively involved in these developments. There is a Chinese ‘Department’ of DI, which has already organized various conferences and training courses, such as in Beijing, Shenzhen and Wenzhou.

The same applies to Turkey, where a private dalton school was recently started in Izmir. It is a growth school with more than 300 students. Dalton International is also actively involved in this school.

Training, research and development

There are a number of countries where the training of students and the conduct of research into dalton is actively designed. In Poland, expertise is built up and training is provided at the University of Poznan. In particular, there are a number of kindergartens in that country working on dalton.

Also in Beijing, a university is involved in the (further) development of the dalton idea.

While the role is modest, Dalton International is committed to ensuring the quality of dalton education. Among other things, a dalton handbook has been written, on the basis of which dalton consultants are trained.

In order to strengthen research into dalton education, the ‘Dalton Research Platform’ was established on the initiative of DI.


May 24. 2021

Message of Dalton International to Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School on the occasion of their 5th Anniversary:

Our warmest greetings to the Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School as you celebrate your 5th Anniversary as an International Dalton School.

The development of education is vital to Dalton education mission and vision. As an educational institution, it is your responsibility to ensure that your children become self-reliant, cooperative and reflective human beings. May this event reaffirm your commitment to implement in our children a thirst for knowledge and a culture of innovation that will drive their ambitions and set their path to success and fulfillment, as well as empower them to become more dynamic, responsible citizens of 21st century.

We in Dalton International are proud to create the community of innovative, progressive Dalton education for all. May you instill the values of hard work, excellence, responsibility and cooperativeness of the school in your children and allow them to express themselves in the way they would like to be.

We wish you a happy and meaningful celebration.

Dalton International

‘SHENZHEN DALTON XINHUA SCHOOL’  was founded in 2016.

We celebrated their jubilee together on-line.



Today we participated with a short seminar during the jubilee party in Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School.
In autumn 2021 we will be back in that school to continue the Dalton process.


May 15.2021

This conference of the Dutch Dalton Association will take place in different locations in the Netherlands.


May 14. 2021

Although we had a technical problem with the sad result that  some people couldn’t log in, the International Online Dalton Conference was followed by more than 100 participants who saw these presentations.


                         by Roel Röhner                                                    by Dr. Agata Sowinska                                                 by Paul Bruijn

May 11. 2021



May 7. 2021

The quality Dalton school provides the appropriate environment for the development of students and the effectiveness of the school. The school’s vision is consistent with Helen Parkhurst philosophy of efficiency, enterprising living and working, responsibility, interaction of a group life, and the learning by experience.
Dalton International is aimed at continuous development of
their schools. The training by International Dalton Consultants and regular contact with the Executive Director of Dalton International is a quality assurance process that is designed to help schools to continuously develop and improve their Dalton Plan in practice. It consists of an ongoing program of support, guidance and improvement of the school and all its staff members worldwide. This ensures that schools accredited by Dalton International continue to embody the highest Dalton education standards.    See under Dalton designation.

We discovered that abroad even people without any experience in Dalton education and without official certificate are operating as ‘Dalton Consultant’ or ‘Dalton specialist’. It happens that Kindergarten and Elementary schools after two or three seminars get the ‘official predicate Dalton’. This damages the  high status of Dalton.                     

To give one example, obtaining a Dalton license takes in the Netherlands between three and five years. Schools must be member of the Dutch Dalton Association. The Association requires schools to be able to submit a timetable plan and a Dalton Development Plan for that implementation period. High qualified Dutch Dalton Consultants are guiding the school during the implementation process.

When the schools apply for the Dalton license at the end of the completed process, a visitation committee of the Dutch Dalton Association investigates how the school shapes Dalton pedagogy. The whole school is being examined. If the school can adequately demonstrate how Dalton pedagogy is embedded in education and organization, the Dalton license is granted. For Kindergarten/Primary schools it is usually valid for five years. Then again a visitation takes place.

The official Dalton Associations in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands and Slovakia guarantee in such a way the highest quality of Dalton education in their schools. The ‘Chinese Department of Dalton International’, and the ‘Turkish Department of Dalton International’ are cooperating intensively with Dalton International in the Dalton school-development-process, which last at least two years of intensive training by International Dalton Consultants.


May 6. 2021

De bronafbeelding bekijken




MAY 3. 2021

This morning we had a organizational webinar with two board members of Czech Dalton.

We spoke about technical aspects of the coming on-line International Dalton Conference.


MAY 1. 2021



APRIL 29. 2021


International Dalton Consultants and all educators of Dalton International Foundation believe that developing ownership is one of the most important issues in the Dalton model of education. The Dalton philosophy is all about developing holistic approach to every child. We strongly believe that much of the children´s question can be answered by children themselves. Dalton children should be filled with a love for learning, should be thoughtful, with a creative and inquisitive mind.

Following this, engaging children in a real life discovery raises the interests, intrinsic motivation by self-discovering for the answers and sharing their work with others. That type of learning is also making the learning process more effective. Children are encouraged to take up their own initiatives and investigate the topic. Consequently, children become owners of their own learning process, they move from being receivers of information to becoming active participants in their own learning. However, we should remember as teachers, how important it is to differentiate the levels of support and providing guidance adjusted to the needs of every child. Dalton teacher is so much more than only a gardener, they are inspirators and artists of education. Dalton education is based on a strong belief that whenever children are given responsibility for their learning they instinctively search for the best way to achieve it.

In the photo, teachers in Shenzhen are creating their own vision on independent learning on the basis of twenty agreements developed by Roel Röhner, President of Dalton International. The school is guided regularly by Dr. Agata Sowinska.


April 24. 2021


                      ‘INTERNATIONAL DALTON SCHOOL’.


April 21. 2021


The 12th Wenzhou Primary School Spot Meeting on Curriculum Reform was held in Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School on Tuesday the 20th April, 2021. Curriculum reform is always a challenge and research project to all Wenzhou educators. In the meeting, Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School demonstrated the localized implementation of Dalton Plan. The study labs, assignments, contracts and independent learning enlightened all participants so that they obtained and developed more thoughts on teaching and Dalton Education. Mr.Roel Röhner, the president of Dalton International took part in the meeting online and gave an inspiring speech in the opening ceremony.

April 17. 2021



April 14. 2021

Conference “Curriculum Reform”

organized by

‘Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School’

date: Tuesday 20th April 2021


April 13. 2021

Unfortunately, it is not possible to guide the International Dalton Schools live. However, we are guiding some International Dalton Schools online. During the seminars, teachers have the opportunity to develop their Dalton vision both in theory and practice. Teachers are becoming familiarized with thorough understanding of the development of the child and practical implications of the Dalton Plan.


April 7. 2021


March 30. 2021



Today Dalton International is  celebrating the 20th  Anniversary.

It started even more than 20 years ago with the official city link between Utrecht and Brno. Directors of schools from both cities found each other in one goal: discovering how Dalton education was executed in the world and how we could benefit from the relation with each other, creating a new Dalton network.
It is impossible to catch the complete history in pictures, we have to reduce it to some highlights. Of course our visits in 1999 to ‘The Dalton School’ in New York and in 2000 to ‘Ascham’ in Sydney must be mentioned, because these were our first official international Dalton contacts.
Many activities followed, introduction seminars in some countries had as a result that we were asked to support in founding Dalton Associations in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.
The latest activities take place in China and Turkey, where we are intensively working on implementing the mission and vision of Helen Parkhurst, both in theory and practice.

March 25. 2021

Practical and organizational session for ‘Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School’.

During an online seminar we spoke about practice and the organization process in ‘Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School’. During the second  part of the session we have presented practical, authorial materials from the teacher´s ‘Dalton handbook’. The content of this session concerned the ways of providing an environment that serves the particular needs of each child´s stage development. Through the implementation of the holistic approach of Helen Parkhurst , we help teachers in practical implementation of Dalton education at each stage of child´s development in order to shape their moral, emotional, behavioral and intellectual growth.


March 22. 2021

The visit of Sophie Pan and Marcy Yu in ‘Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School’ 21-24 of March 2021.
The visit was conducted by these two teachers from ‘Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School’. The aim of the visit was to stimulate cooperation between two schools, as well as exchange ideas and sharing Dalton experience. The schools belong to the chain of International Dalton Schools in China. We are proud to inititiate a contact between all International Dalton Schools worldwide.

March 17. 2021

During the International Dalton Day an online lecture was organized by ‘Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School’.

Dr. Agata Sowinska gave a lecture on Universality and Timelessness of Dalton education.

March 17. 2021


The Dutch tradition to celebrate March 17. every year  as ‘DALTON DAY’ was taken over by Dalton International.


March 8. 2021

February 22. 2021

Today we had a webinar with the ‘DALTON COLLEGE’ in Izmir/Turkey. We could meet the group of new teachers and spoke about several aspects of being a new teacher is a school which is already some time in the Dalton progress.

February 11. 2021




January 29. 2021

Mrs. Bai, Director of the ‘Wezhou Dalton Elementary School’ is giving a speech to motivate the team of teachers in their process to grow to a high level Dalton teacher.

January 27. 2021

How inspiring that in this difficult period we can be in constant contact with International Dalton Schools worldwide. Today we had a chance to inspire each other during the  lecture of Dr. Agata Sowinska on ‘Mission and Vision of a contemporary International Dalton School’. After the lecture we had an opportunity to discuss such issues as: how to raise a fearless child, why is it important to be a fearless teacher, how to enlarge intrinsic motivation? After the discussion teachers have reflected on what they worked in this semester and they could set the goals for their work for the next semester. Below the short reportage from the meeting with the Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School in China.

January 25. 2021

We have regular webinar contacts with our Members of Dalton International to continue the  Dalton implementation process.                                    But we hope to be back in these schools in autumn 2021.

January 3. 2021

Jürgen Peters resigns as President of Dalton Österreich

It is already nany years ago. Together with our Czech colleagues we visited the first Dalton school in Austria. Brno is not so far from Vienna. The “Europaschule”, with Director Jürgen Peters was often our target to visit with several delegations from Holland and other countries. Jürgen was the Director and Dalton inspirator in the school.

It isn’t surprising that when he entered the period being pensioned many of his colleagues remained his close friends. And I can proudly say that I am one of them.

Together we spoke about the possibility of founding the official Dalton association for Austria. I convinced Jürgen that he was the best person to be the President of “Dalton Austria”. In the meantime Dalton Austria has an impressive history and actual activities.

At the end of this year Jürgen Peters is ending his task as President of Dalton Austria. Simone Reichenberger, the director of the Dalton school “Sternschule” in Deutschlandsberg, will take over the task as President of Dalton Austria.

This is the moment to speak out our gratitude for everything Jürgen did for the Dalton development in Austria, but also for many initiatives and his enthusiastic support of Dalton International, including many wise advices for me personally.

It is a great pleasure to announce that the board of Dalton International decided to give Jürgen Peters the position “Member of Honor”.

During the next personal meeting it will be my pleasure to hand over this certificate.

Roel Röhner


December 16. 2020

In the latest issue of the Magazine of the Dutch Dalton Association an article about the first ‘Post Graduate Dalton Studies’ , organized at the ‘Adam Mickiewicz-University Poznan’.
By  Malgorzata Kostecka, Agnieszka Łupkowska, Dorota Michalak, Ewa Semmler, Agata Wojdak.

Year 2020 marks the end of a very interesting joint initiative of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Dalton International and Polish Dalton Association. The Postgraduate Dalton Studies (PDS) lasted for one and a half years and were packed with classes taught by experts and enthusiasts of the Dalton Plan (DP).  Our group consisted of teachers working with young students aged 6-9, kindergarten teachers and even kindergarten principals. Thus we have started our studies with different entry levels (longer or shorter work experience, employed in private or state schools) and even more important, with different levels of knowledge concerning the DP. What brought us to these studies was our active search for alternatives of the traditional education model. PDS gave us the necessary conceptual background and allowed us to get a more systematic approach to our (up to this point) intuitive educational ideas and endeavors.

Thanks to the PDS we have experienced a strong positive reinforcement of our attitudes and ideas about education. Now we know how important it is to be aware of your goals and how to reach them via various ways, how important it is to accept different needs and individual aspects of education, open communication, positive relations and the impact of the teacher herself. However, what is crucial, we have learned how important it is to experience the freedom of the educational process. Majority of us are not employed in Dalton facilities (in Poland the DP is at its early stages) but we try to enrich our teachers repertoire with the Dalton Plan elements and techniques. That is why it was so important for us to meet and cooperate with other PDS students – teachers who are searching for new ways and solutions in education as we do.

It is thanks to the DP that our teaching techniques evolved and changed. Focusing on goals resulted in more thoughtful choice of tasks for pupils. We have also changed our evaluation methods. Evaluation is now more thoughtful and takes the learning process into account. Now we are certain that teaching self-reliance, responsibility,  self-reflection does not disturb reaching of curriculum goals. It is exactly the opposite, due to these qualities the educational process is more fluent and less stressful for a child (despite its variety more among group members). We also observe that the quality of tasks which require cooperation has improved. Implementation of the DP brought positive effects not only for our pupils (who are more supportive to each other and more aware of their own abilities) but also for teachers and parents. We notice that relationships have improved – parents who were reluctant at first now are the integral part of a team. Due to the more in-depth feedback about their children progress, parents are more active and give more trust to teachers’ initiatives. We can say the same with respect to other teachers (however, to smaller extent). When we think about teachers who are open to the DP ideas we observe trust, cooperation and open attitude.

Apart from these positive outcomes we have to admit that we still encounter some obstacles – strong competitive attitudes and educational ideas build around too much focus put on errors. We may say that teachers are still very attached to certain traditions and well established solutions. They are reluctant when it comes to change and they fear negative opinions (which is partially the result of a control oriented culture). To our surprise sometimes a specific reading of certain safety regulations may be also an obstacle for the DP implementation. What is reinforcing is that we observe and experience changes. More and more teachers feel the need to change the traditional school and they undertake positive educational enterprises and initiatives. The DP ideas fit perfectly into this picture of Polish teachers actively searching for a positive change. These ideas offer a teacher-student relation relying on a trust, more freedom and work satisfaction without enforcing any particular out-of-the box solutions or restrictions on certain educational techniques.


December 2. 2020

The latest issue,Number 8-9 2020

As always three parts in the Magazine :

1. Articles and Polemics – 2. Practical articles about Dalton education – 3. Events and information

November 19. 2020

International online Dalton Conference

We are very proud and grateful that so many foreign  International Dalton Schools participated in the International online  Dalton Conference on November 13 and 14, organized by the Polish Dalton Association, the Adam Mickewicz University in Poznan and Dalton International.
October 19. 2020

The Dalton Association in Austria organized a

‘Diplomlehrgang für DaltonplanPädagogik”.

The course deals with the following contents:

The Dalton Plan in the Context of Reform Pedagogic

Didactics and methodology of the Dalton Plan

Teaching organization of the Dalton Plan

How do I become a Dalton teacher?

Educational trip if possible, conversation lessons, paths to Dalton School (certification criteria)

Implementation models and implementation attempts

Reflection, thesis, Diploma Award Ceremonie

The group of students with their lecturers: Anna Maria Rapp, Simone Reichenberger and President of ‘Dalton Österreich’, Jürgen Peters

More Info: https://www.dalton-austria.com/aus-und-fortbildung/diplomlehrgange/

The new group of 2020 / 2021 for this Postgraduate Dalton Studies

October 12. 2020



October 07. 2020

International online Dalton Conference


September 10. 2020


We wish all International Dalton Schools in China a happy ‘Teachers Day’

Below the photos from the ceremony in ‘Wenzhou Elementary Dalron School’. The school commemorates today Shu Xin-Sheng and his research and input in the Dalton Plan in China.


August 18. 2020


The first edition of Postgradute Dalton Studies is coming to an end. The studies takes place at  University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan and they were commenced in association with Polish Dalton Association and Dalton International. During two and a half years of Dalton Studies there was created a project, based on a constructivist theory containing both theory and practice. Terms such as „authentic learning” is commonly represented as constructivist, which is learning through hands-on and relevant practice with realistic scenario. The project is a proposal of weekly classes for 6-7-year-old children. The title of the project is `Is the food growing in the supermarket?’. Authors of the project: Małgorzata Kostecka, Agnieszka Łupkowska, Dorota Michalak, Ewa Semmler and  Agata Wojdak are teachers from Polish Dalton schools and students of Adama Mickiewicz University. The general goals are as follows: expanding the dictionary of terms related to food, shaping the attitude of a conscious consumer, shaping awareness of the origin of agri-food products, developing respect for work, creating conditions for cooperation as well as independent action and responsibility for them. The project helps to shape the child as naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared learning environment. It attempts to develop children physically, socially, emotionaly and cognitevely.

The project will be introduced to all Dalton International schools worldwide.

In the photo from the left: Agnieszka Lupkowska, Agata Wojdak, Dorota Michalak, Ewa Semmler, Malgorzata Kostecka

August 17. 2020

More information about this international on-line conference in September.
July 2020

May 29. 2020

Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School

On 24th of May teachers from Wenzhou Dalton elementary school participated in a webinar `Reflective teaching techniques during during corona crisis`. During the webinar teachers were familiarized with Dalton approach that is respectful for children and grounded in the atmosphere of free choice. The webinar also discussed elements influencing well being of a pupil, the dynamics of emotional burden. Moreover, there were presented practical ways to deal with pandemic situation such as assignments in which children could describe their emotions and experiences related to the pandemic time. Below the photos of children working with assignemnts designed by International Dalton Consultants realizing by Mental Health expert from Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School.


May 27. 2020

The latest issue of the Polish Dalton Magazine

This is already the 6th edition of the magazine which is produced in cooperation with the Polish Dalton Association, Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan and Dalton International. In this issue several scientific articles about motivation were introduced.

The Chinese ‘Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School’ and the ‘Dalton College’ from Izmir/Turkey wrote a reportage about their Dalton development. Both schools are Member of Dalton International.

Articles and polemics
1. The educational environment as the source of motivation for learning. Selected aspects of self-determination concept by E. L. Deci and R.M. Ryan. Renata Michalak
2. Formative assessment supporting children’s learning. Renata Michalak, Elzbieta Misiorna
3. How does independence build a child’s intrinsic motivation? Agata Sowinska
4. Key competences- how to develop them in kindergarten?. Barbara Grzegorczyk
5. “Dalton” is something more than using ready-made materials. Roel Röhner
Practical solutions in Dalton education
1. What can be found in a children’s suitcase? About building students’ self-esteem. Joanna Nowicka
2. How to motivate not to go crazy with boredom… that is, about the consumption of chocolate, a dagger in the student’s hand and possible blotches in notebooks. Joanna Zembron.
3. How to motivate students to learn and make them love school. About motivation in education. Joanna Hofman
4. Learn to understand yourself and others. Agnieszka Wawrzyniak
5. Storyline scenario: “Where are my treasures? Gardener’s trouble.” Joanna Stepniak, Katarzyna Filipiak, Justyna Piaszczyk, Patrycja Plaszcyk, Paulina Zielinska, Marta Wisniewska
Dalton schools in the country and around the world
1. The motivated, that is, about the development of Dalton education in the Municipal Kindergarten No. 7 in Czestochów. Agnieszka Wawrzyniak
2. Few words about the school’s mission….Sarah Louise Money, Dalton College in Izmir
3. Small children, big dreams- Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School, Sophie Pan
Events and information
1. Echoes of the International Dalton Scientific and Methodical Conference “Student Motivation’s as a measure of The Effectiveness of the Dalton Plan”, Czestochowa 2019, Katarzyna Malek
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Online speech for ‘Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School’.

Because we couldn’t visit China last week to work with the team of teachers from the school, I gave a speech for the management and team of teachers.

Dr. Agata Sowinska has online seminars every two weeks with the Dalton coordinators of the school to give impulses for the implementation of Dalton elements.

May 16. 2020

Webinars for the Post graduate Dalton Studies in Poznan.

Instead of giving our workshops in Poznan, we frequently have online Webinars with the students.

May 8. 2020

Online contact with Shenzhen Dalton Elementary School.

The speech of President Roel Röhner will be used during the Webinars for new parents. The school building prepared for the Corona period.


April 30. 2020

We are very pleased to welcome two new Members of Dalton International.


April 18. 2020

‘Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School’ is attending the regular training of the team of teachers.
The digital platform built in the school together with Dalton international is a tool to exchange expertise and develop the school´s own vision on responsibility, freedom, independency, and cooperation.
The first webinars focused mainly on tailoring the program of each student to match student´s interests and abilities, promoting independence and enhancing student´s social skills along with sense of responsibility towards the others. During the course teachers are studying Dalton philosophy, child development and psychology in the comfort of their homes with interactive online components that include videos, texts, forums where they can chat with mentors and each other.
The specially adjusted program for the school will be realized for three academic years, the process is coordinated by Executive director of Dalton international, Dr. Agata Sowinska. Next courses start date is April 29. 2020. The school is currently following a process of becoming ‘International Dalton School’.


The board of Dalton International visited ‘Wenzhou Dalton Xinhua School’ in November 2019

April 2. 2020



November 22. 2019

Visit to Dalton the schools ‘De Achtbaan’ in Amersfoort and

‘Lorentzschool’ in Hilversum.

Both schools are ‘Member of Dalton International’.


November 21. 2019

Visit to ‘Stedelijk Dalton College’ in Alkmaar


Paul Oudejans was our host again during the visit of the delegations from Dalton schools in, Shenzhen, Wenzhou and Izmir.


November 18. 2019

Impression of the Polish Dalton conference in Czestochowa.



November 15. 2019




November 5. 2019

First visit of the board of Dalton International to the “Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School”






November 1.  2019
The office of the Chinese Department of Dalton International was opened in Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School.

Dalton training with the team of teachers, classroom observations and a Haloween Party.

October 21. 2019


October 3. 2019

First training seminars in the DALTON COLLEGE in Izmir with the enthousiastic  team of teachers was a success.
Our team of International Dalton Consultants will continue with the second training in March 2020.

Together with the management team of the school.

September 26. 2019

Delegation from ‘Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School’ was visiting ‘Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School’.

On 26 September 2019, led by Ms. Bai Lili, the principal of Dalton Elementary School, a group of teachers from Dalton Elementary school visited Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School. This is the first Dalton school in China officially recognized by Dalton International. Before this visit, teachers from Dalton Elementary School had visited some Dalton Schools in the United States and the Dalton International in the Netherlands.
Ms Bai Lili and Mr Mei, the principal from Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School exchanged their insights into educational ideals, emphasizing the importance of practice of Dalton philosophy in schools to create a learning community and make Dalton “a way of living” as Mr. Röhner, the president of Dalton International put it.
Ms. Bai was impressed with the achievements Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School had made since its founding three years ago. Driven by the same educational vision, both schools seek to find “a way of living” suitable for every child.

Ms. Bai was impressed with the achievements Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School had made since its founding three years ago. Driven by the same educational vision, both schools seek to find “a way of living” suitable for every child.
Ms. Bai and teachers from Dalton Elementary School visited Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School, observed lessons and communicated with the teachers and students there. They were delighted to witness how the two Dalton core values —“freedom and cooperation” had been put into practice here. The students are free to choose their assignments that suit their needs and accomplish their work based on spirit of contract through cooperation. They were directed to find the problems in their own learning, seek help from teachers and solve the problems. Summarization as well as reflection are organized to train the students to become better learners.
In Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School, students of different levels are put in mixed classes where they learn and live like a family. There is a Chinese and a foreign homeroom teacher responsible for daily management of each class. Guided under the core values of freedom and responsibility, students at Dalton Xinhua School dine together, learn together and participate in all kinds of school activities together, and most importantly live and grow together in this warm, loving and harmonious community.
With Dalton Plan as guiding principles, Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School and Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua will work together to explore a way of living that meets children’s need and contributes to their growth.


(From the site of Wenzhou Dalton Elementary School)


September 14. 2019

September 12. 2019

August 2019

July 1. 2019


June 17. 2019

International Dalton Conference in Mühlhausen – Germany

On 14, 15 and 16 June 2019 an international group of colleagues from 7 different countries took part in this conference which was organized by the German Department of Dalton International.

President Claudia Zanker and her team of teachers decorated not only the school building, but organized a three day’s program for all the guests.

Landesrat Harald Zanker supported the activities and that was the reason that not only the educational aspects of the conference were interesting, but also several activities in and round the city of Mühlhausen.




June 1. 2019

“School Strategy and Brand Summit 2019”

Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School organized a two days conference which was attended by more than 300 principals and educators from all over China.

The principal of the school Alan Mei and 17 other principls gave keynote lectures. The vice-principal Tracy Chen and teachers of the school gave workshops focused on “Laying the campus learning space from the perspective of curriculum”, “Exploration and practice of self-management of mixed-age family”, “Exploration and practice of contractual learning mode”.

The school’s educational philosophy, educational orientation, Dalton practice and campus culture have all been highly praised by the participants of this conference.

May 12. 2019

International Dalton Conference in Germany

April 20. 2019

Dalton in China is growing.

Dalton International has an agreement with ‘Beijing Liyang Zhongji Education & Technology Co.’.  Both parties work together to promote Dalton education and school service development.

Liyang Zhongji produced this Dalton magazine as an introduction of the Chinese development.

The ‘Chinese Departement of Dalton International‘ is in charge of organizing the concrete steps in the further cooperation.



April 16. 2019



March 22. 2019

“Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School” published on their website some events which took place during the stay of Roel Röhner and                  Dr. Agata Sowińska. 
See: http://dalton.szns.edu.cn/xxxw/xiaoxw/201903/t20190319_25435.html


March 20. 2019

Today in Europe “DALTON DAY” is celebrated.

Last week we celebrated with the complete staff of ‘Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School’ the fact that we could certify a new group of 10 official Dalton Teachers.

March 10. 2019


14 TILL 16 JUNE 2019

March 5. 2019

It is a valuable tradition in the Netherlands. The doors in all Dalton Schools are open for everyone who would like to observe the daily praxis.

In many countries this initiative is followed and together we create every 3d Wednesday in March the “INTERNATIONAL DALTON DAY”.

February 6. 2019

We congratulate ‘The Dalton School’ in New York with their jubilee.

‘The Dalton School’ in New York is celebrating  that the school was founded 100 years ago.


January 10. 2019

Today we certified the Dalton Primary ‘LORENTZ SCHOOL’ in Hilversum – the Netherlands as ‘Member of Dalton International’. The school is a sublime Dalton school in a monumental  school building.

The “Lorentz School”, built in 1930 in expressionist style to the design of municipality-architect W.M. Dudok.

January 8. 2019

November 27. 2018

Dalton International started the ‘Chinese Department of Dalton International’ with the seat in ‘Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School’




November 24. 2018

November 19. 2018

Agata Sowińska and Roel Röhner visited the “Staatliche Dalton Grundschule” in Unstruttal /Germany. A very strong Dalton school housed in two lovely buildings. The team of teachers followed two short workshops, given by the International Dalton Consultants.

November 19. 2018

Dalton International founded the ‘German Department of Dalton International’.  Together with the ‘Unstrut-Hainich Kreis’ the International Dalton Conference 2019 will be organized.

November 12. 2018

After the International Dalton Conference in Koszalin the foreign guests and the team of organizers enjoyed the dinner offered by the Polish Dalton Association.

November 12, 2018

Workshop ‘Let’s Daltonize English’ given by Agata Sowinska at Przedszkole nr 34 in Koszalin / Poland.

During the Polish conference the second issue of the Polish Dalton Magazine came out.

November 12. 2018








International Dalton Conference organized by the Polish Dalton Association in cooperation with Dalton International. Speeches and presentations by Professor Renata Michalak, the delegation from ‘Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School’, Paul Bruijn – vice president D.I. and Roel Röhner – president D.I.
A certification ceremony is the traditional highlight at the end of the conference. Several new Dalton schools and Kindergarten got their official Dalton Certificate.


November 7. 2018

Delegation from the ‘Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School’ at the International Dalton Congress
organized by the Dutch Dalton Association in cooperation with Dalton International.


November 7. 2018


November 9. 2018


The Austrian and Polish Dalton delegations which                 The delegation from Shenzhen Dalton Xinhua School

participated in the International Dalton conference                visited Daltonschool de Globetrotter in Rotterdam.

in Deventer/NL/

November 6. 2018


The delegation from Schenzhen Dalton Xinhua School arrived in the Netherlands to participate in the International Dalton Conference in Deventer tomorrow. A short visit to Utrecht was the first activity.



November 1. 2018

October 31. 2018



October 24. 2018

International Dalton Congress at Hogeschool Saxion in Deventer – the Netherlands


October 24, 2018

Prize for Dalton Kindergarten in Warsaw


October 22. 2018

Training Dalton consultants Poland


On Saturday 21 October 2018 ‘Dalton Polskie Stowarzyszenie’ organized a training for the official Polish Dalton Consultants. One of them, Agata Juljanská, presented her ideas about an advanced way of Dalton organization in the classroom.