Dalton designation

Dalton International is the institution with the authority to give schools the designation “International Dalton School”. Dalton International is an official foundation with members all over the world. The most important and international orientated Dalton schools in the world, work together in Dalton International, to protect the high standard of Dalton education. It is not allowed to use the name “Dalton” without the permission of Dalton International or the official local Dalton Association.

Official local Dalton Associations are present in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Poland and Slovakia.

Dalton International can assist schools in the process to become an official Dalton school.

For a full approval Dalton International works out a two year process, with a maximum of three years. During that process a school has the right to use the name “Starting Dalton School”

In the first year a school has to submit a development plan, stating how they plan to incorporate Dalton methods in their teaching including the training programme. After an intake with the staff of school, Dalton International will draft a training programme out of the available course offering. See DALTON TRAINING


In the first year at least five different modules has to be followed by the teachers. Next to the Dalton training at own location, it is possible to follow a teaching practice period in one of the International Dalton schools.

Extra modules can be followed during the teaching practice. At the end of the first year there will be an assessment of the teaching, class management and curriculum, providing advice on how to improve.

The second year is a year of “self-activity”. This Dalton domain is not only important for children, but also for their teachers. The second part of the training (again five modules) is obligatory and will be based on the support of the “self-activity”.
At the end of the year another assessment has to be done. In most of the cases the school, at the end of the second year, will get the official designation “International Dalton School”. A plaque will be the distinguishing mark of the new status of the school.

The school will be invited as “Member of Dalton International”. If schools failed the last assessment, there is the possibility to go on a third year. The school must submit a development plan for that last year after an intake with the advisory committee of Dalton International. The planning has to be completed with other training modules. A last assessment can give the school the Dalton status, but if the assessment is negative, the school has no allowance to use the name Dalton anymore.

After approval Dalton International or the local Dalton Association reassesses each school every three years, by checking curriculum, teaching and student achievement. At any time the name Dalton may be taken away after a negative reassessment.

Every teacher who successfully completes official Dalton International training courses receives certificate ‘Dalton teacher’. In addition, Dalton International can give training to teachers who like to do research into Dalton methods and curriculum, in order to be a future Dalton Consultant.

Membership of Dalton International provides the following. - Schools may attend all Dalton conferences and activities at a lower cost than those of non-Dalton International members. - Access to all other members of Dalton International for cooperation. - Reduction of the fee by invitation of Dalton experts.

Financial consequences The membership of Dalton International is free of charge. More: see DALTON TRAINING

 Certification of the Dalton school ‘Vogelweide’ in Wels Austria

Procedure for a local Dalton Association

Article 1. Dalton International can nominate schools for the designation of ‘International Dalton School’.

Article 2. A national Dalton association can be founded by a group of International Dalton schools or at least three national or international Dalton experts from different institutes in cooperation with Dalton International.

The first three years the national Dalton association has to be supported by an international committee of Dalton experts, nominated by Dalton International.

Article 3. The national Dalton association has to draw up the by-laws.

Article 4. The national Dalton association can nominate schools for the designation of  ‘Dalton school’.

Article 5. The first five national designations ‘Dalton school’ can be granted after an audit by a committee of national Dalton experts and one or more representatives of Dalton International. Later the national Dalton Association is responsible for the procedure.

Article 6. Audits can only be executed if schools have followed the procedure as written under ‘’Nominating Dalton schools’.

Article 7. The designation ‘Dalton school’ is valid for three years.After this period the national Dalton Association has to visitate the school again. When there is no national Dalton Association, Dalton International organizes this re-visitation

Article 8. This procedure has to be supported by the national school inspection and must be integrated in the national inspection procedure.