Dalton international

is a worldwide network of Dalton specialists and Dalton schools strongly concerned in international contacts, exchanges and projects.
The aim of Dalton International is to promote Dalton education on an international level to exchange assessment in Dalton education and to take innovatory initiatives.

IDM 2013 113Dalton International wants to stimulate the innovation of Dalton education by international exchange of expertise. Therefore we organize a yearly international Dalton conference and we participate in international Dalton conferences organized by others.

In some European countries many school teams and teachers are trained for the official certificate ‘Dalton teacher’. Dalton International developed an international course offering for a teacher’s accreditation in the Dalton method. After a training period Dalton International can give teachers an official Dalton certificate.

Dalton International is the only institute that can nominate schools that have followed the Dalton International training process for the designation of “International Dalton School”. See also DALTON DESIGNATION

The board of Dalton International consists of Dalton specialists from different parts in the world. The seat of Dalton International is in the Netherlands.

Dalton International:
   • Partner for all International aspects of the official local Dalton Associations
   • Partner in International projects
   • Assisting in school design.
   • Exchange of teachers and students
   • Developing material
   • Nomination of “Members of Dalton International”.


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